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By Kurtis Lee Thomas October 17, 2018 0 comments


1. Cell Phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s, microwaves, and wifi/bluetooth devices, all emit dangerous RF-EMF, also known as Electromagnetic Radiation (dirty electricity).

2. EMF’s emitted from these devices have been classified as a human carcinogen and can affect the quality of our thoughts/memory/focus.

3. Orgone Crystal Pyramids can reduce or eliminate the harmful EMF’s effects produced from these devices.

4. On 5/28/2016, The Wall Street Journal published an article showing the results of a multi-year Government Study that found a link between cellphones and cancer.

5. Statistics show that Cancer has exploded from 1 in every 20 people diagnosed, to 1 out of every 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the course of their life.

EMF radiation is said to not only affect the quality of our thoughts, but possibly the most important organ in the human body, the heart! Which generates a powerful electromagnetic field that's 60 times greater than the brain.

"Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States and Canada... 

"The heart is a very electrically dynamic organ. Heart disease includes many causes. These range from vascular disease, electrical conduction defects, and many others...  

Magnetic fields have been found to significantly affect cardiac function, in addition to effects on a myriad of other body systems and problems…”   ~ Dr. Pawluk  



1. Transmute Negative Energy into Positive Energy  

2.  Improve Sleep Cycle  

3.  Accelerate Healing (generates healthy ions)  

4.  Protect Against Harmful EMF Radiation from cellphones, laptops... 

5.  Recharge The Body’s Energy Centers (Balance Chakras/Aura)



These devices help repel negative energies and generate a constant positive energy field. Whatever room you place your Orgone Pyramid in, it will help ionize the air with healthy ions and purify the energy in the room. 

Positive (+) ions are the unhealthy ions, and unfortunately they're everywhere. Being exposed to too many positive ions can cause fatigue, lack of focus, stress, depression, and ultimately, illnesses. The beach, waterfalls, salt himalayan rock lamps, and Orgone Crystal Pyramids all give off the healthier ions.



  • Balances the body's electromagnetic field
  • Enhances mood
  • Protects from stress
  • Helps reproduce, repair, and energize cells
  • Accelerates healing 
  • A Columbia University study shows that negative ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants. (


“Natural crystals can hold a program, which means a thought pattern... A properly programmed crystal can change and influence a vast area in the human world.” ~ Marcel Vogel (holds over 200 patents, including the floppy disc)

1. The vibration of a crystal is unlike anything we know.

2. Crystals hold memory better than humans.

3. The first radio in the world was "crystal set”.

4. The Christian bible refers to crystals over 200 times.

5. Crystals were found in the ruins of Babylonia, and in the tombs of ancient Egyptian and Chinese rulers.

6. Without crystals computers, laptops, and cell phones would not be able to function.

7. Without Crystals Quartz watches wouldn't work.

8. The majority of Superheroes get their powers from a some type of crystal.

9. Crystals can both send and receive human thought and emotion.

10. "In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being." ~ Nikola Tesla


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